Atomic Savor Visor Stereo Helmet 2024

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The Atomic Savor Visor Stereo takes two essential items, your helmet and goggles, and makes them one – all part of Atomic's Savor mission to make skiing easier and more enjoyable. The helmet is constructed around a Holo Core which provides supreme protection while staying light and cool. Adjustable Visor setting allows you to wear glasses underneath if you want. Stereo Lens Technology with nine layers of mirror coating offers 100% clarity and protection from glare and fatigue – up there with any top goggles. While Live Fit instantly adapts to your head and a height-adjustable 360° Fit System provides a snug fit all day. Want to ski stress free? Simplify!

Live Fit

Surrounds your head 360° and molds to your head shape for an instant individual fit.

ABS Hard Shell

A two-piece construction that provides high durability and ultimate high-impact protection.

3M™ X-Static Lining

This high-performance lining provides unparalleled anti-microbial and anti-odor properties.

Visor ID Lens

The lens edge perfectly meets the curve of the helmet, for maximum field of vision and protection.

Live Fit Frame

Adaptive tri-layer foam instantly molds to your face, creating an individual fit out of the box.

Anti-fog Inner Lens Coating

Anti-fog properties helping you see better and ski better in all conditions.