Scott Jr. Hero Ski Pole 2020

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The colorful and unique design of the Scott Jr Hero is sure to appeal to all kids. The S2 Aluminum Alloy Shaft and Joystick grip on the other hand will appeal to parents due to their extreme durability and functionality geared solely towards development. Help your kids become just as good as their skiing heroes with the Scott Jr Hero Ski Poles.


S2 Aluminum Alloy Shaft - Uses the same technical swaging and design features of the S4 and S3 series and is rated to 45,000 PSI

14 mm shaft diameter


Joystick - Perfectly engineered for smaller hands, the Joystick provides maximum comfort and practicality for up-and-coming skiers.


Jr Adjustable Strap - The length and shape has been engineered to form to child's hands perfectly.


TÜV Basket - High-performance, aerodynamic basket that is perfect for kids


Cone Tip - Designed to be no more than a shadow on the end of your pole, the Cone is lightweight and and designed to be aerodynamic.


Material: Aluminum