Scott Apic Plus Mips Helmet - 2018

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Protect the one you've got.

You only get one brain, so take good care of your grey matter when you're shredding pillow lines and straight-lining chutes with Scott's Apic Plus MIPS Helmet. While you work on getting epic, the Apic will shield your noggin under an ultralight ABS shell, complete with an impact-absorbing EPS liner and MIPS technology.

Unless you've been avoiding new trends in the ski industry lately, you've probably heard of the Swedish technology that made a quiet introduction in the bike world a couple of years ago and has since exploded in popularity. MIPS refers to a thin, flexible basket that moves slightly upon impact to absorb brain-damaging rotational energy when you end up miscalculating your line and staring up at the sky. The technology weighs almost nothing, but it comes with the potential to reduce head injury in certain falls, which is tough to argue against.

Like any good helmet, the Apic was designed to keep you toasty warm and comfortable even when you aren't tumbling down the mountain. An adjustable MRAS fit system allows you to dial in just the right level of snugness, without cutting off any circulation, and the plush ear pads block out harsh gusts when you're on the lift heading for the summit.

  • Lightweight ski helmet keeps you warm and guards your brain
  • MIPS technology limits rotational energy in some crashes
  • Passive vents keep air moving at all times
  • MRAS Fit System lets you dial in a precise fit
  • Soft ear pads block out cold air and harsh wind